International dancesport festival "LATVIA OPEN" will be organized already 16th time. The organizers of the event, Mario Koncevskis and Marika Kaleja, have come to this grand event since the beginning, increasing event prestige each year, with the permission to host more and more high-profile group competitions, and holding that event at its highest level. During its time it brings together more than 700 dancers from all over the world who compete in different disciplines and age groups for their victory in Latin dances, Standard dances and Royal discipline - 10 dance programs. Every year, the World Rankings in different groups and the Latvian Cup where the dancers reaches the necessary points for the rating tables compiled by the Sports Dance Federations - both Latvia and the World. The event is rich in the fact that the Junior Championship, Youth and Adult Groups, as well as the World Cup and the European Cup, have been held within it. All this seems sporty - looking at the groups and their names, but in fact the dance festival "LATVIA OPEN" is a combination of art and sports, where emotions, adrenaline, passion, music, glamorous costumes and feelings around the hall. In these two days the Sport Hall "Daugavas Sporta Nams" is place, where the titles will be competed for the beginners, as well as professional sports dancers at the highest level. This year, the World Ranking Stage will held in 7 age groups - Junior, Youth, Adult, and also Senior Group, as well as the Latvian Cup - in 3 different age groups and classes.

Many surprises at the evening parts - Saturday starts at 18:30, but on Thursday - at 19:00.

Dance passions will live - there is so much to see!